Food Based Teambuilding Courses

A range of teambuilding programmes is now on offer at The Terrace, based around food and dining.

Through designing, planning and making food, our teambuilding courses will help your organisation to:

Getting the best out of your staff through Team Building!

The Terrace Training and Enterprise Centre offers bespoke Team Building training days, in our unique and relaxed location.

Effective organisations are the ones who value and invest in their teams. The aim is to help you get the most from your team, to ensure they can contribute to improving your business results.

We can provide dedicated support and facilitation, to help you build effective teams and engage with all your team members.

 This training will focus on key elements of team building including:

Our training days are both challenging and fun. You may also learn much more about fine dining.

Teambuilding courses include:

A dining out experience or formal reception.

Restaurants thrive on the strength of their teams. Can you produce an attractive venue and create a menu good enough to pull in the customers, producing dishes that keep them satisfied - and make a profit!

On your marks, get set, cook!

Teams are invited to create menus and compete against each other to produce meals to a budget and culinary brief provided by our resident chef.

Design a week of healthy meals for one on a £10 budget.

Participants are given £10 and have to plan, research recipes, shop for, and then create healthy meals on a small budget.


To get the most out of this unique Teambuild we recommend a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 20 for each course.

The courses are charged at just £125 per person. This includes lunch, refreshments and a Terrace cookery goody bag for each participant to take away with them.

Please contact Phil Hayes on 01709 866466 for more information or to book your team build.


'The presentations really highlighted a variety of individual skills and displayed the strengths of the team as a whole. The summary made by your staff at the end confirmed this. Very insightful'

'We enjoyed the activities and found them beneficial to the team. Phil and Michael managed the event very professionally and I would have no hesitation in recommending DWDT for such events. The whole team came back to work on Monday still talking about how much fun it was’

 The day was extremely well organised, Michael was very knowledgeable and the various tasks each team performed throughout the day were interesting and fun, bringing us closer together as a team'

'It was a unique and fun experience, I have done a lot of team building days but never anything like this one. A brilliant day'

'It’s hard to say which activity was the best, the whole day was so much fun, planning and researching for the presentations really got us working as a team'

'I was really nervous about taking part in the presentation, but everyone was really supportive and in the end I was pleased to have taken part'

'The whole day was fantastic. Interesting, informative, insightful and hilarious'